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Open MRI Scan - Hendon, London, NW9 6HB

   For Age 16+ | Appointment in 2-3 days | Report in 2-3 days
   GE 0.35 Tesla Open MRI Scanner


Includes MRI Scan, Written Radiologist Report, Images in electronic format, Telephonic Discussion with an independent GMC registered GP if required
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MRI Scan


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All prices includes telephonic consultation, referral, scan images in a CD/DVD/Electronic format, written radiologist reports and results explanation.

Scan Type Price - Open MRI
One Body Part MRI Scan £395
One Body Part with Contrast Not Available
Additional Body Part £200
Abdomen (Kidney, Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas) - Includes Contrast Not Available
Ankle £395
Arthrogram - Hip, Knee or Shoulder Not Available
Brain (Head) £395
Breasts (Both) Not Available
Calf (Lower Leg) £395
Cardiac (Heart) - Anatomical Not Available
Cervical Spine (Neck) £395
Chest (Lungs) Not Available
Elbow £395
Foot £395
IAMS (Inner Ears) - For both ears £395
Hip £395
Knee £395
Lower Leg (Calf) £395
Lumbar Spine (Lower Back) £395
Pelvic - Musculoskeleta £395
Pelvic - Organs Not Available
Pituitary Gland £395
Prostate (MpMRI) - Includes Contrast Not Available
Sacroiliac Joints £395
Shoulder £395
Sinuses £395
Small Bowel Study - Includes Contrast Not Available
Temporamandibular Joints (TMJ) - For both joints £595
Testicles Not Available
Thoracic Spine (Middle Back) £395
Upper Arm £395
Wrist £395

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