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Affordable prices. MRI for £279. CT for £325. 60+ locations

Step 1 - Search & Request

Search and compare imaging centres and fill in the booking request form

Step 2 - Confirmation

The imaging centre staff will call back for appointment

Step 3 - Go for your Scan

Includes radiologist report, scan images and report explanation (for self-refer)


MRI Scan

MRI Musculoskeletal, MR Angiogram, MR Arthropgram, MR Enterography, MR Small Bowel


CT Scan

High resolution CT Scan, CT Virtual Colonoscopy, CT Cardiac Angiogram, CT KUB, CT Lungs



Endoscopic, Dopller, Transvaginal, Abdo-Pelvic, Transrectal, Obstetric Ultrasound


Ful Body Scans

Covering most of the major areas in the body – Brain, Spine, Abdomen, Pelvic, Gynae, Prostate

How to Book a Scan

I do not have a Referral Letter

If you do not have the referral letter from your GP or any clinician - please fill in the Self Refer form and we will have an independent private doctor recommend an appropriate scan and prepare the scan instructions. The imaging department will then call you to provide an appointment.

I have a Referral Letter

If you have a referral letter from your GP, Consultant, Physiotherapist or Osteopath - simply upload the letter and the imaging department will call you to provide an appointment as per your convenience. The report will be sent to the referring clinician after the scan.

Affordable Prices

MRI Scan - Standard (1.5T)


MRI Scan (3.0 Tesla)


MP MRI Prostate


MRI Small Bowel


MRI Abdo-Pelvic


CT Scan


CT Virtual Colonoscopy


CT Cardiac Angiogram


CT Chest/Lungs




Pay for your scan in 3 simple Instalments*

*subject to approval by Klarna