CT Virtual Colonoscopy

Virtual colonoscopy is a new non-invasive method that allows radiologists to view the entire colon and see any development of Polyps or Cancer. It is done using high-speed multidetector CT scanner and specialized software, through which images are obtained to view the colon. This scan generates both 2D and 3D images along with the endoscopic views of the colon which are similar to the conventional Colonoscopy.

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What is the difference between CT Virtual Colonoscopy and Conventional Colonoscopy?

• Sedation: Virtual Colonoscopy does not require sedation. Conventional Colonoscopy requires sedation.
• Radiations: Virtual Colonoscopy involves radiations. Conventional Colonoscopy does not.
• Tears: Virtual Colonoscopy is minimally invasive and has almost no risk of tears. Conventional colonoscopy has a small risk for colon perforation.
• Imaging: Virtual Colonoscopy can provide images from all angles and can also view outside of the colon. Conventional Colonoscopy can only provide from some angles and can only see inside the colon.
• Duration: Virtual Colonoscopy takes minutes and patients can resume work immediately. Conventional Colonoscopy takes more time and may need one day in the clinic.

What is the cost of CT Virtual Colonoscopy?

• We can currently arrange a CT Virtual Colonoscopy  at 2 locations in Greater London
• London - Canary Wharf (128 Slice, Low Radiation CT Scanner): £1,050
• Kent – Orpington, Bromley (128 Slice, Low Radiation CT Scanner): £1,000
• Above prices includes CT Virtual Colonoscopy, Preparation Material, Scan Images in a CD or Online, Written Radiologist report from a UK Certified Radiologist. No hidden charges.
• For self-referring patients we provide a no obligation and free telephonic/email discussion with a UK based independent GMC registered GP who can recommend an appropriate scan and explains you the report.

What’s the waiting period?

• We usually provide an appointment within a week at both the locations. Please note that usually there is a 2 to 3 days of preparation time involved for CT Virtual Colonoscopy.
• Patients will get the images in  a CD or other electronic format to download and access immediately after the scan.
• Radiologist Reports are generated within 1 to 2 and are sent to patients/clinicians by email/fax.

How is CT Virtual Colonoscopy performed?

• The patient has to follow a 2 to 3 day low fibre diet before the scan. Take plenty of clear liquids like water, coffee, tea, etc.
• It is not necessary to take a laxative, however light laxatives can be taken.
• During the scan, the patient lies down on the CT scanner bed.
• A small tube is inserted in the rectum to pump air.
• The bed is then slides in the scanner.
• Two sets of images are taken: while the patient lie on the back and on the stomach.
• Patient needs to be still for few seconds while the images are being taken.
• All the images are then combined to form a 3D view of the Colon.

After Effects or Side Effects of CT Virtual Colonoscopy

• Patient can have nausea, vomiting or rectal irritation because of the preparatory medicines.
• The exam is usually painless; however pumping air in the stomach may cause gas pains.
• Patient may feel bloated after the scan; however they can resume activities as normal.
• Exposure to CT scan radiations. We have 128 slice CT scanners that take quicker images resulting in less radiation.
• May get intestine perforation during the insertion of the tube for air pumping.