Reports and Images

For any questions or report follow-ups please email to [email protected]

When do I get my scan report?

Radiologist Report is generated usually within 1 to 5 days depending on different locations and service providers. TOP MRI provides an indication of the time for each location.

How do I get my scan report?

The scan report is sent (by email or fax) to the referring clinician who is supposed to explain it to the patient/client and then provide them the report. If you are self referring, the report will be sent to the clinician that has spoken to you before the scan and once they review it is sent to you by email.

When do I get my images?

Usually the images are shared on the same day of the scan or next day of the scan

How do I get my scan images?

Usually the imaging centre will send you a link to access the images or will provide you with a CD/DVD on the day of scan

What if I have questions about my report or images?

You can discuss any questions with the clinician that referred you for the scan. If you need further clarification from the radiologist then please write to [email protected] Your enquiry will be passed to the radiologist for their comments. Kindly allow a few days for them to reply.

Who prepares the written scan report?

All scan reports are prepared by UK certified radiologists. Each imaging centre works with different set of radiologists who are associated with those imaging centres.

Can you send my report and images to my own doctor or hospital?

Yes, we can always send the reports or images to your doctor or hospital on your instructions. Simply write to [email protected] and provide the email address or fax of the doctor/hospital you want us to send the report. Your hospital can also request the images over IEP to the imaging centre it is reported by. Details of the Imaging Centre is present on the written radiologist report.

For how long my report and images are stored?

Usually the imaging centre keeps the reports and scan images for several years (5 to 7 years)