Cardiac MRI Scan

The Cardiac MRI scan helps to produced detailed views of the Heart's Anatomy. The scan does not involve any radiations and is a better alternative in some cases of congenital heart disease. This method is used to diagnose problems with the heart structure or blood vessels (arteries). It is very helpful in identifying tumors, blood flow issues, infections and inflammatory conditions.

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  • Canary Wharf: £990 (3T Cardiac MRI Scan - Anatomical)
  • Quick Appointments
  • Next Day Reports
  • Written Radiologist Reports
  • Highly Qualified UK Radiologists
  • Includes pre and post consultation
  • Includes Explanation of Report

Why Cardiac MRI Scan

  • Checks Heart functions and Blood flow
  • Non invasive procedure
  • No rest required after scan
  • Very quick process
  • No bleeding, cuts or infections
  • 3.0 Tesla MRI Scanner for better imaging
  • No radiations involved