Mp MRI for Prostate

Mp-MRI or Multiparametric MRI Prostate scan is a better way to diagnose prostate cancer using harmless magnetic field, radio waves and specialized software. It generates 4 types of images to show detailed views of the prostate. Unlike X-rays and CT Scans, MRI Prostate has no radiation and is very safe and non-invasive. T2 weighted MRI displays a 3D view of the prostate. Diffusion weighted MRI (DWI) shows the movement of water molecules in tissue. Dynamic contrast enhanced imaging (DCE MRI) shows the blood flow in a tumor.

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  • Orpington: £700 (3T MRI Scan - 3.0 Tesla)
  • Canary Wharf: £750 (3T MRI Scan - 3.0 Tesla)
  • Quick Appointments
  • Next Day Reports
  • Written Radiologist Reports
  • Highly Qualified UK Radiologists
  • Includes pre and post scan telephonic discussion with a independent GMC registered GP if required
  • Includes Report Explanation by an independent GMC registered GP if required

Why Mp-MRI for Prostate

  • Better detection of prostate cancer
  • Non invasive procedure
  • No rest required after scan
  • Very quick process
  • No bleeding, cuts or infections
  • 3T MRI for noiseless experience
  • No radiations involved at all
  • No known side effects of MRI