MMA / UFC Fighter Brain Scan

We provide specialized Brain MRI and Angiogram packages at multiple locations designed specifically for MMA and UFC fighters. These packages includes MRI Scan of the Brain, MR Angiogram for Braina nd Neck, Telephonic consultation with a doctor and complete set of written reports and the DVD of scan images.

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  • London: £750 (3T MRI Scan - 3.0 Tesla)
  • Kent: £700 (3T MRI Scan - 3.0 Tesla)
  • Manchester: £700 (Standard MRI Scan - 1.5 Tesla)
  • Quick Appointments
  • Next Day Reports
  • Written Radiologist Reports
  • Highly Qualified UK Radiologists
  • Includes pre and post consultation

For MMA and UFC Fighters

  • Detects Brain and Cervical Abnormalities
  • Non invasive procedure
  • No rest required after scan
  • Very quick process
  • No bleeding, cuts or infections
  • 3T MRI for noiseless experience
  • No radiations involved at all
  • No known side effects of MRI