Types of MRI

What are the different types of CT Scans?

CT Abdomen and Pelvis

This scan is used to visualize organs of the digestive tract such as the liver, intestines, pancreas, kidney, etc. Thus diagnosing causes of abdominal pain, internal bleeding, tumors in the colon, appendicitis.

CT Coronary Angiogram

This scan is used to assess the risk of heart diseases. The image of blood flow is created in this scan to identify the blockages. It can easily detect the early signs of heart diseases. This scan takes few minutes and is not painful. Patients can leave after the images are recorded. To assess the heart health and flow of blood after cardiovascular surgery or the signs of heart attack and stroke, this CTCA scan is needed

CT Scan Chest

Doctors recommend this type of scan to get detailed images of the chest and lungs to diagnose disorders such as cancers, tumors, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc. Also, people who have suffered chest injuries due to accidents are also advised to have this scan to assess the damage done to the lungs or chest, bones, or blood vessels. Generally, doctors recommend this scan if they are facing troubles in breathing or having chest pain.

CR Scan Brain/Head

This scan provides detailed images of injuries, tumors, and diseases in the brain and head. Doctors generally recommend this scan to locate fractures or injuries in skull and brain damage. Along with this, a CT scan also helps in detecting clots or bleeding within the brain, malformation of the skulls, etc. It is also very helpful for patients who are experiencing unexplained headaches or dizziness.

CT Scan Spine

This scan is done to create and obtain multiple images of the spine, discs between the bones to detect spinal damage of injured patients. It is also very helpful to detect tumors in the vertebral column, narrowing of the spinal canal, infections, etc. A doctor may also use a spinal CT scan to gauge bone loss in the area as a result of osteoporosis.

CT Scan Pelvic

This CT can generate clear pictures of the area inside the body between the hipbones. It can diagnose problems with the reproductive systems of both males and females and also identify bladder problems, such as stones or tumors.

CT Scan Kidney

This type of scan is generally advised by doctors to detect the presence of stones in the kidney. Along with this Kidney CT scan also identify tumors and other kidney diseases.

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