What Are the different types of MRI scanners?

What Are the different types of MRI scanners?


MRI is done to get detailed pictures of the inside structure of the body parts. Doctors recommend this exam when they want to get detailed information about any problem in the body part. It is used to detect various ailments ranging from torn ligaments to tumors. It is a non-invasive method with no exposure to radiation. In this article, we will see the different types of MRI scanners and the what is the difference between them.

Closed MRI Machine –

A closed MRI machine also known as a Traditional MRI machine is a large tube in which a patient lays in during a scan. It produces very high-quality images but the main concern is the comfort of the patients. It becomes difficult for claustrophobic patients. Patients need to lay in a still position and not move during the scan as it would make the scanning impossible. Another problem with the traditional MRI machine is that it has a small size opening so the patients who are overweight cannot be scanned.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Mri Machine

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Open MRI Machine –

Open MRI machines were developed to provide convenience to patients who are obese or claustrophobic. In the initial days, when open MRI machines were out on the market, the quality of the images was not good due to the lesser number of magnets. Now, the new open MRI machines that are being made are very close to matching the image quality as in a closed MRI. But still, the patients need to lie down but the point is that it is not completely closed.

Standing or Sitting MRI –

The Standing or Sitting MRI was developed to provide more comfort to the patients during the scan. Comfort is a must as it helps to control anxiety while the patients are undergoing the scan process. Although these machines are comfortable for the patients but the images that they produce are not of good quality. With more advancements, the quality may improve but right now they are useful only in specific conditions.


With the recent advancement in technology, we hope that the MRI machines provide comfort to the patients as well as good quality images for detailed analysis.


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