What are the advantages of MRI over X-Ray?


MRI is an imaging method that makes use of powerful magnetic fields and radio waves to generate the images. On the other hand, X-Rays make use of electromagnetic radiation to get the images. X-Rays are suggested by the doctors when you get an injury but to get more detailed images of the injury, MRI is done. So, let’s see what are the advantages of MRI over X-Ray.

No risk of radiation:

In MRI, you are not exposed to any kind of radiation as in X-Rays. Some consequences of being exposed to ionizing radiations are –




Difficulty fighting infection

When you get an MRI done, you are not exposed to such side effects.

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Non-invasive process:

MRI is a non-invasive method. One of the main issues with the patients going through the imaging process is whether the method is invasive or not. In the case of MRI, you need not worry as this process is completely non-invasive. This is a plus point that would keep you calm throughout the whole process.

Detailed view:

Imaging Techniques provide images of the inside structure of the body parts but an MRI provides a more detailed image of the inside structure of the body. It helps the doctors to analyze the situation clearly and give their analysis.

Get pictures of multiple regions:

MRI helps to take wide-ranging pictures whereas X-Ray is performed on a specific region of the body. In the case of MRI, you can take multiple pictures at once as they are capable of covering larger areas.


MRI and X-Ray, both are done to get the images of the inside structure of the body. But, there are many differences between the two. In the above article, we have listed down some of the points that differentiate them.



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